4 Branding Top Tips For A Stronger Brand Identity

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Today I want to share with you 4 of my best branding top tips! When it comes to branding, most people think about logos and colours, but branding is about more than just visuals. It is about the impact that you have on a customer and how it sends a message. The first impression can say a lot about your company, (a bit like us as humans) its values, and what it does. Keep reading to find out what my 4 branding top tips are here at Mango&Wild…

1. Clearly Identify Yourself⠀

This one can be a grey area in terms of naming your business. While catchy names and cool graphics can be interesting, (I mean look at my brand name!) they do not always do a great job of telling your story. Your company name, logo, and slogan should provide insights into what you do and the products or services you offer. If you miss this opportunity, you may spend valuable time and energy on explaining the basics. That is time that could be used to further develop a relationship or share key benefits.

If you do want to go for a more bespoke and creative brand name there is no reason you can’t but the key thing when doing this is making sure when marketing your business everything is really clear. Any social media channels you create need to say quickly who you are, what you do and how you help. Any content you create again needs to say who you are, what you do, and how you help. This then allows you to really make sure your audience knows what your business does. 

Now an example I love is Apple. You can see from the name that it doesn’t mean anything in relation to what they do but they have built a strong brand. They have ensured everything in relation to their brand speaks on the points above. 

2. Let Your Brand Tell A Story 

Let your name, slogan, and logo tell a story. Having a clear message behind your business will allow the consumer to grasp the company more.⠀

Now this is a branding top tip you will want to listen to! When we think of branding we often think of branding as a logo but there is so much more to branding then just this.

We have: 

  • Logos
  • Colours – All to which give messages like red=love or orange could mean warmth
  • Fonts
  • Images/visuals – If these aren’t professional what may others think? E.g. if you’re a photography company but use others images on your social media could this show your not as good as you say?
  • Value – The offering you provide 
  • Content – What content you provide
  • Your online presence – Social channels, website etc
  • Who you partnered with – An example could be if I was an eco clothes shop but collaborated with a company that tested on animals and used lots of plastic. What effect would this have on your brand? It shows you don’t really care that much about the values you say. 

Now with all these things they tell a story. So what you choose to put out there will be a creation to your story, so make sure it relates to your brand. 

3. Consider What Your Customers Will Think 

I have been a part of a lot of new logo designs and are regularly surprised that the customer is not considered during the process. Most times, the logo, slogan, and company name are thought of by the entrepreneur before having even one customer. Define your customer, then create your brand to attract that customer.

At the end of the day you are building a brand because you have a solution to someone’s problem so their problem should be a factor to your brand. Here for example is where your values should be thought of. If sustainability is a big factor this should be a part of your values. If your customer’s pain point is overwhelm, maybe a value of yours should be simplicity. 

4. Your Final Branding Top Tip 

Ask yourself why are you doing this? You have a business that sells a product, but why do you sell that product? Of course, we all want to make money, but selling something to make money won’t motivate the consumer to buy into your brand. Ask yourself: What difference will it make in the lives of the consumer who buys it? Start by building a foundation of who and why you are selling what you sell and work up from there. 

Not sure about your branding or your brand values? Together we can create a brand strategy that allows you to be a unique brand that speaks to its audience. Find out more here today!