A few good questions about e-marketing

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E-marketing can feel overwhelming and confusing on what you should do, so here are 5 key things which will help you get your e-marketing right. E-marketing is as long as a piece of string… It is such a generic term for some very different techniques. But they’re all about marketing your business electronically and include websites, email marketing, Adwords, SEO, web advertising, e-newsletters and everyone’s New Best Friend, social media.

1. Remember the point about e-marketing

Electronic marketing is about being instant, reaching a large number of people quickly –potentially globally, it’s about two-way communication and it’s measurable if you do it correctly. It’s very much within your control and can easily be tweaked if you need it to be.

2. Know what you’re trying to achieve

Any marketing is pointless unless you know what you’re expecting, and e-marketing is no different. There is no point using one of the most measurable marketing approaches, if you don’t know what you’re actually measuring and why. It’s about responding to your business objectives and also managing your own expectations.

3. Don’t miss the key benefit of e-marketing – targeted marketing

e-marketing methods allow you to target very specific audiences, so make the most of it as niche markets are easier to reach:

  • Write your website should with your prospective customer in mind
  • Your e-newsletters should be about keeping in touch with customers and prospects
  • E-shots alert a select group of people to issues relevant to them – these should be different, depending on who you’re e-mailing
  • Adwords are about being clever with keywords you know your target market uses
  • Web advertising will only work if you appear on relevant websites/ newsletters
  • All social media channels are different; they are used for different things, by different people and will provide you with different results.

4. It’s about ongoing communication

e-marketing is about creating, building up, and capitalising on the relationships you have with your clients; it’s about keeping a conversation going. So don’t just do something once and expect it to work!

5. It’s about being relevant

There’s a fine line between relevant and spam! If you’re not relevant, you’ve missed an opportunity and potentially burnt that lead… Irrelevant Adwords or ads that lead to an irrelevant landing page won’t get you the results you want.

Have you found e-marketing success? What works for you?