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Starting and running a business can be a minefield. From strategy and marketing, to finance, equipment and operations, no matter what your business is – there are a lot of aspects to master. With over 600,000 new companies registering every year in the UK alone (that’s equal to 70 new businesses being formed every hour), there’s also a lot of competition out there. So how are you giving your venture the highest chance of survival?

Rise of the She-EO

As if the business world wasn’t brutal enough, it comes as no surprise that the landscape can be even tougher for women, than it is for men. Out of the entire FTSE 100 and 250 lists (the 350 largest companies on the London Stock Exchange), a measly 10 of the CEOs listed are female. That amounts to just 2.9%. That being said, the number of women starting their own businesses and climbing corporate ladders is increasing. Even some of the largest corporations are seeing the benefit to a diverse workforce, including those of different genders, abilities and racial backgrounds. CEOs of some of the most influential companies like Glaxosmithkline and ITV are women, and over the next 50 years, the percentage of female CEOs is projected to rise to over 20%.  On the other end of the scale, there have never been so many new, small businesses emerging onto the market. As a result of the pandemic, many of us found ourselves unemployed or with a lot more spare time on our hands. The result? An explosion of small businesses, predominantly in the creative arts fields. From 2019 to 2020, there was an astonishing increase in new businesses of 41%. More women than ever before have adapted to the harsh financial climate of this past year by founding their own businesses, creating their own income and being their own boss. There has never been a more vital time for women in business to bolster, support and empower each other.  The test of time  Of course, not all of those businesses will stand the test of time. Unfortunately, a great service or product is rarely enough to sustain a business. Most of those that found a business can find themselves quickly overwhelmed, and in need of support. A valuable commodity still needs correct expertise and skills to market and sell it, and if you do possess those skills you may not have the time and resources to properly scale your business. Whatever it is, the world of entrepreneurship can be a lonely place when you don’t have sufficient support to guide you through the ever-changing landscape.

Level Up and Light Up your business

Level Up and Light Up is the coach in your corner, cheering your business on and providing you with the tools to succeed. You can forget about a labyrinth of jargon or complex, impractical advice – Level Up and Light Up is a heart-centred community of ambitious women, who truly believe that we are stronger as one.  In collaboration with my new business partner Jemma from Made Collective, we’re all about empowerment, connection and growth – providing you with the solutions and resources which will answer your burning business dilemmas, and support you on your journey to success. Say goodbye to the overwhelm of running your business, and utilise the clarity and confidence you’ll receive from an entire community of like-minded women.  Business and marketing is a field rife with intimidating jargon, abbreviations and methods, but Level Up and Light Up is a completely safe and supportive space to explore your creative ideas, with the bonus of experts guiding you towards your goals. Essentially, our aim is to help you reduce your costs and grow your business – it really is as simple as that.

Get involved

By joining the Level Up and Light Up community, you’re opening the door to a world of resources, support and navigation tools. Myself and Jemma are a creative-savvy and strategic mindset duo who are committed to helping businesses thrive. Monthly, 90-minute check-ins give you the opportunity to work through your business blocks with targeted and specific advice in a conversational safe space. Bonus calls from experts every month will give you an edge, with new takes and advice on business strategy from around the world.  A private Facebook community for our members, and promotion on the Level Up and Light Up Instagram and newsletters supports you across the social media channels. You’re also entitled for first grabs and special discounts on products, services, events and tools released by myself or Jemma that you can use to boost your businesses reach and potential. If you’re still hungry for information and advice, there is access to a plethora of online tools, templates and resources to save time on complicated procedures, and even an online course platform launching in April.  And with all of this in mind, in celebration of our partnership and new membership launching, we want to provide you with a free workshop to help you to understand what it takes to run a business with clarity and confidence. So, join our FREE 1 hour workshop by clicking HERE and also be in for a chance to win prizes as well as becoming one of the first 80 founding members to benefit from a special membership discount.  We can’t wait to see you there.