Driving Sales Through Social Media

Social media is a pivotal extension of your brand’s identity and a fundamental part of cultivating and growing your business’s online presence and driving sales. Whether you are a B2C or B2B business there’s a strategy that will help you to acquire the right customers for your brand.
In any business, you need a strategy to make a change, whilst allowing you to set goals and grow on that business plan. An unorganised workflow will not see you achieving the same potential as a focused plan. If driving sales is a fundamental part (which let’s face it, it’s everyone’s key outcome) then these are a few top tips to use social media to achieve this…

Work Ahead with a Content Plan

Posting on your page 2-3 times each week is a lot better than 2 times one week, 5 times the next, 0 times the following, and so on. Consistency is crucial when it comes to social media. You want to be showing up each day, interacting with your target audience, and establishing yourself as an authority figure. Because if you’re not, someone else in your industry is! The best advice for staying consistent is to make a plan. Have your marketing strategy mapped out in your content plan so that your posts reflect the campaigns and services you are offering. Make sure you are always touching on your key customer’s pain points and you are actively encouraging customers to think about your product or service.
Like I say random posting or one post on your product or service won’t do it, it’s about seeing it several times with various messaging to get people to click through and find out more. Ensure you’re always adding a clear call to action like links and making it easy for people to book or buy from you.
Don’t ever just post on social media because you feel like you have to. Develop a strategy, work with a professional, and make sure that your content is going to relate to your audience. ⠀⠀

Community and Engagement with Brand Ambassadors

Influencers are one of the best ways to get your product or service seen. However, one-off visits will not be successful so try to build on long-term relationships with a select few people and brands that really love your brand and fits with their style and ethos. As I mentioned people need to see your offering several times before they take action, so it is about consistently getting your brand out there to that audience.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram is a great way to get your posts seen by a relevant audience and through ads, you can even utilise the swipe up feature on Instagram even if you have under 10K followers.
When creating your ad audiences first look at those who have engaged with you and enquired as these will be most likely to be aware of your brand and more willing to buy or book with you again. Then create some lookalike audiences based on their profiles to reach the right demographic and use the Facebook pixel to track their effectiveness.

Make Social Media Sales Through Facebook and Instagram Shops

Bring your shop to where the people are and allow them to shop directly from social media. By having a shop, it will allow you to tag products on your posts which means you are gaining a clear call to action and making a smooth and easy buyers journey process.

Connect Through an Engagement Strategy

Social media likes to and needs to be consistent so If you’ve been closed and not posting on your accounts, you’re going to have to work extra hard and put some real hours in to get yourselves out there again. Connect with our current followers, people you are following and new potential clients or brands you want to connect with daily. Engaging and responding to customers or potential customers is key to getting your brand visible.
With social media, there’s no quick fix to making thousands of sales but with the above in place, it will help you get there. The key thing to any business is to create a plan and know what you want to achieve and where you want your business to go. Because what you do now will get you to where you want to be in say 3 months’ time and what you did 3 months ago got you to where you are now. So, with this in mind, a key thing to take away is to always plan ahead and be looking for the business you want not the business you have.

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