Have You Seen The New Instagram Guide Tool?

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A feature that Instagram has just released. Have you got the new Instagram tool and wondering what it is? There has been a lot of change recently on Instagram, with one being the new layout design and now have also launched a new way of sharing scrollable content – Instagram Guides.

What Is The Instagram Guides Tool?

Think of guides like an e-book or a blog, a formative piece of content all in one place that is an easy way to digest. Guides are a way to share scrollable content. It’s a way to share helpful information, tips, recommendations and so on.
Now we have run through the basics of what Instagram Guides are, let’s talk more about how to use and create them…

Did you know Instagram actually created guides for the health and wellness sector to provide more resources to people struggling during COVID-19. However, this new feature is being rolled out to all, so if you don’t have it yet like me you will soon.


How To Create A Guide?

Not only have Instagram brought out a new feature they have also updated their layout and here’s what you need to do!
      • Click the + button
      • Click on ‘Guide’
      • Choose which Guide Type (place, product, or post)
      • Select the posts that you want to add
      • Add your title (like what you would name your e-book/blog)
      • Add a cover image
      • Add your text to each post
      • Post the Guide or save it as a draft for later
Sorry, I can’t share images as a step by step on this as I don’t have the feature but be sure to contact me if you’re not sure and I’d be happy to help.

What Each Guide Type Means

  • Products are only to be used to curate products available in the Instagram shop of yours.
  • Place is to recommend locations, cities and beyond
  • Posts are there for posts you have created or saved to formalise a type of e-book or blog (lots of content in one easily digestible place)
The different guide types have been created to suits all creator’s needs. And really are a versatile way that can be used to share inspirations, tips and tricks, stories, or guidance.
I can’t wait to start using this tool as I believe it is a great tool for brands or businesses looking to add a little extra context to their Instagram. It allows you to give more clarity on your offering as a business by providing more informative information.
I can’t wait to start using this new feature but for now, I’m going to have to gain my excitement and satisfaction through you, so don’t forget to share your guides with me to see. #mangoandwild or tag @mangoandwildmarketing on Instagram and get sharing, if not drop a comment on here and let me know how you found the guides.
If you’re worried or struggling with what to use this feature for then here is a Guide to content Ideas:
  • Industry Tips & Tricks
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • FAQ’s
  • Your offering (products or services)
And remember I’m here to help so if you’re not sure about guides, contact me.

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