An insight into Mango&Wild 2021

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An insight into Mango&Wild 2021

So this will be my last BIG blog and with that, I always like to reflect on the year. I am always open and hostess on all the parts of the business so in this post, you will find me sharing with you my highs, lows, income and more. Enjoy this insight into 2021 at Mango&Wild…

What a year! 

Wow, where do I start! This year has been a full-on and a busy one with not only the business but personally also. Back at the start of January, I started the renovation of my home which has been WAYYYY more than expected. Anyone new here or not following me on social media (please do here) let’s say it’s been a rebuild. We ended up knocking the whole house down minus one wall, yes one! And then to top the year off on a personal level I broke my ankle in August and 4 months later I am still recovering.

Why am I telling you these things? Because we often forget how much has happened in a year, big or small and it’s good to sit and reflect because those days you’ve felt frustrated or like you haven’t got anything done could be because you’ve forgotten how busy you are. It’s also a time to reflect and tell yourself it’s ok. It’s ok if things don’t go to plan or take time or if you need time out. I know this year with breaking my ankle and having nothing else to do I have been working A LOT more (what else is there to do when sitting around) but at times this has led to burnout, not being able to do my hobbies has meant I haven’t had solid boundaries and it’s been a big reminder to stick to them no matter what!

Now the business.

Sustainability, growth and more have all happened this year. As I look back and read An insight into Mango&Wild 2020the same issues presented this year with time-consuming processes and offerings and with all the above of course this needed to change. And so it has, I finally feel like I’m in a place of happiness with a really clear mind on the business direction and services.

My Intentions.

My intentions for 2021 were:

Scalable – to gain passive income that doesn’t require me to carry out all the work but have a number one priority of value.

Streamlined – To simplify processes so it is not so time-consuming for me.

Collaborative – To gain confidence, connect and grow with others.

So now let’s see how we have got on with achieving these.

So What’s Going On In 2021?

So back in April, I started a membership called Level Up And Light Up with Jemma from Made Collective and it’s been a little up and down. I’m all about honesty and I can honestly say it hasn’t been easy. This is one main reason things needed to change because managing one business is hard enough let alone two! The membership hasn’t gone as I hoped or as well as planned (it’s still there) but needs fine-tuning with better plans also on managing as like I say keeping up socials for two businesses for example is a rocky road to burnout. But it’s all a test and learning with new ways of working happening in 2022. So with this I guess we can say yes to meeting the intention scalable however I think this needs to continue into 2022.

Realigned Business Strategy

As I said I finally feel clear on the services I now have with more streamlined and simplified processes and offers. And boy oh boy has it made a difference. By having clarity I have been able to speak and promote my offers clearer with the last 2 months being the months of most enquiries! It’s truly been amazing to streamline but equally been hard with new websites needing to be built and so forth but as well as the challenges it leads to new adventures for 2022 with Mango&Wild becoming sustainable with growth and new adventures. WHOOO this is another tick to my intentions. And in all honesty, as I write this blog I didn’t realise how much of my intentions I did but this is why it’s good to reflect because then you know you’ve got to where you wanted without even realising it!

What Else Has Happened? 

I hosted my FIRST ever workshop on SEO and it was amazing. I literally loved it.  And this year a lot of my clients and work has mostly been done for your services but I have gained another 5 AMAZING clients bringing me to nearly be at full capacity for management services.

Revenue And Costs.

I guess this leads nicely onto my next part of financials. Now this little business isn’t full time at the moment and all funds I make are being put back in for growth so sometimes I sit and think it’s not great but equally the growth year on year will be amazing and I know things take time and effort.

Last year 2020 was: £5246 (7 months) with £2369 profit and this year has been a revenue of £7012.98 (7 months) with a profit of £1693.03 (not including Level Up and Light Up Membership) but again this is ok because I have invested. I have built a second business and spent a lot on platforms!

So, this is still a very small way from where it needs to be but for what I have done and the time I have spent on my brand and what I have invested in my brand, let’s hope through continuously putting into my brand, 2022 increases again and brings me the clients I need. 2021 has been a rocky year and for me, I have had many other commitments that I have been unable to commit to Mango&Wild full time but like I say I am ready for 2022!

So What’s Coming Up In 2022.

I am hoping not too much. Well, when I say not too much there are some new exciting group programs being created for next year along with more workshops and then general all services but most will be another year of testing and learning.

Availability For 2022.

While we are talking about 2022 we may as well chat about availability. I have availability for consultancy packages from January and for management services I have space for 1 or 2 more clients depending on what the service requires so if you are thinking of working with me and want to talk more about how we can work together you can book a chat here or for now please join me on my newsletter for updates and more.