How To Use TikTok For Business: 6 Tips For Success

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From becoming the trend back in 2020, TikTok is the new kid on the block when it comes to social media platforms. As with anything new there are always questions on how to use TikTok for business. So let’s dive into my six best tips for using TikTok for business! 

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TikTok for business is where you as a brand can tap into your creative side without difficulty. It is one of the fastest growing platforms, building on a community of connection with over 1 billion people coming to the platform each month. So no matter how big or small your business, or no matter what your selling your business will be sure to be discovered and also you’ll be sure to find your audience. 

Is TikTok For Business Right For you? 

So what’s next for your TikTok success? I guess first it’s knowing if it’s right for you, I would say it is but it’s about building the right plan to ensure you reach the right audience. So let’s look at how to use TikTok for business and get the best out of it for your marketing and business. 

The Key To TikTok For Business Is: Don’t Overthink It 

Rule 101 to anything is don’t overthink it! Often when we think about doing more we feel overwhelmed and you may be feeling overwhelmed when your sat thinking:

  • God not another platform to learn
  • Not another platform to post on
  • Not another platform to create for 

But fear not with anything and especially marketing it’s about testing and learning and then finding out what is right for you and your business. Another thing when it comes to TikTok for business is success. Don’t expect overnight success. The reason to be using this channel is because you want to grow a new community, your business and so forth. Of course success comes with this but it doesn’t always mean it will happen overnight. There is nothing wrong with slow growth.

Creating Your TikTok Profile For Business 

This is your online shop front and with that it means you need to ensure people know who you are and how you help. Additionally to that they also need to find it, so let’s start with your profile name. To best make use of this don’t put your name or business name. You are better off putting something that will be relevant to your audience so then when they search it will show up. Here is where you want to be including keywords for example “marketing tips” “tiler” “pet shampoo”, make this relate to your business so that when someone searches on TikTok you have more chance to pop up. 

We then have your TikTok bio. This is the place where you tell them what they are going to get from following you. You want to make this to the point and clear to convince people to then follow you. This is where you want to be hitting these three key points to then maximise your potential in getting people to follow. 

  • Who are you 
  • What do you do 
  • Who can you hep 

Pinning Posts To Your TikTok Profile

Pinned posts are an extension to your bio. Your bio tells your customer the key points they need to know and this is the added bonus to then get them to convert. Now what we often see is people pinning trending posts BUT I say don’t. We often jump on trends to get the reach and awareness but sometimes this could mean not as relevant content. 

Let’s say you do a trending dance, yay it gets loads of reach, yay we pin it but then what. What does this really mean for your potential followers? My recommendation here would almost be to pin your worst posts. Well not fully but for example maybe you did a post to get to know you and it’s not done as well as the others. This is the type of posts I think are better for pinning. 

TikTok for business is about you and your business so make sure everything is related to that. Allow your audience to get to know you and know what value they are going to get to then really decide if they want to follow.  

Posting On TikTok – The three In One Rule

Now like anything the more you put in, the more you’ll get. But the key to any success or growth is consistency, so if you feel you can’t post 3-5 times per day you don’t have to. You are better to post on TikTok to your abilities and remain growing then die like a wilting plant that’s suddenly stopped being watered. 

Now for those who do want to post a lot this is your got to! But also for those who’d rather take it slow this is still an amazing trick to repurpose and save yourself time, thinking of fresh new ideas. Drum roll…the three in one rule. 

This is where you choose one content idea and turn it into three TikTok style videos, so for example if we do a post on keywords for SEO we can post in these three different ways.

  1. Show 
  2. Text on screen 
  3. Talking 

Here are three TikTok examples from me to help you further. 

Using Hashtags 

So a bit like Instagram, When using TikTok for your business, as well as your profile these little things also are a way to be found. The difference with TikTok hashtags however is that you use less. I would recommend using 3-5 per post. 

Now one tip with this for you is save yourself some time and store them somewhere. Now something I like to do and one I tell my clients on, is to think of all your services and then create sets of hashtags for each. This way you can quickly copy them onto the post that’s relevant. For example , I would create hashtag sets for, general small biz, email marketing, social media, SEO etc.  

Moving onto choosing the right hashtags for your TikTok post. Here you want to be making sure you use a mix of hashtags. If a hashtag has over a million uses then you are a tiny fish in a pond and the chances are you wont get found. So when creating or choosing your hashtag sets you want to use some broad like marketing and then some more narrowed down like marketing tips, digital marketing tips ect.  

TikTok Trending Sounds For Business 

Dancing, voice over, just a normal song in the world of trending sounds but how do you find them? Often you will see or will be able to find a lot of marketers or TikTok experts making most of their content trending sound ideas. 

Now if you are looking for an expert, the accounts I want to share with you are Virality or Styla Soials. Virality has a service where you can pay £4 per week and get trending sounds straight to your inbox. And boy oh boy does it make it quick and easy. Not only do they give you the sounds but BONUS they also give you ideas on how you can use the sound and relate it to your business. Now I haven’t been told to sell this to you but it’s a service I’ve used and wanted to share the value. 

On to Styla Socials. She is fab to follow also because she not only shares a trending sound but she also shares how to use the sound and do cool transitions which is super helpful. 

Another way to find trending sounds is by doing it yourself via scrolling the feed: 

  • Click on the sound of the video 
  • Then look at the date of the videos posted. 
  • You want to be looking at videos that have been posted in the same month your within as then you can assume it’s trending in some way
  • Another one is looking for sounds that are under 10k 

I hope you’ve found this useful. Please feel free to follow me on TikTok here. I’d love to be a part of your journey.