6 Steps To Achieving Visibility Success With Google

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Join our 7-week group program designed with care to help service based and product based business owners, whether just starting out or ready to grow, dominate the world of SEO and boost their online presence! Land yourself on Google's first-page rankings and watch as organic search becomes your main source of traffic.

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Imagine putting in the time and effort to nail SEO, bringing in a flood of laser-focused traffic, generating a steady stream of leads and sales, and watching your business skyrocket. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

If you’ve got a website or dabbled in blogging, you’re probably familiar with the magic of SEO and how it can bring a flood of eager visitors to your website without costing a dime.

But let’s be honest, trying to crack Google’s ranking code can be as frustrating as trying to solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded while riding a unicycle. You’ve probably tested every so-called “expert” tip out there and come up empty-handed.

You might have even thrown in the towel and hired an SEO agency or freelancer hoping for a quick fix, only to be left with lackluster results.

Well, guess what? You don’t need a fancy agency to crack the SEO code – you can become the master of your own search engine destiny. Say goodbye to confusing marketing jargon and mind-bending technical terms.

Our 7-week program breaks down the mysteries of SEO into bite-sized, digestible pieces that will guide you towards more website traffic and online authority in no time.

Does any of this sound familiar?

❌ Feeling lost in the sea of SEO techniques to choose from. Should I focus on keyword research, metadata, content optimisation, page speed, or user experience factors? It’s like a never-ending optimisation game that leaves you scratching your head.

❌ Tired of the same old advice being thrown at you repeatedly? “Create awesome content”, “Target long-tail keywords”. You want real, actionable strategies that will actually boost your blog and business.

❌ Scouring the internet for a helpful SEO guide to give your website traffic a much-needed boost. You stumble upon a promising article filled with tips and tricks and spend hours putting them into action.

✅ Take the guess work out and know exactly what you need to do to show up on Google. A step by step strategy taking you from hell no to hell yes. 

✅ Expert advise, feedback and support plus all you need to know to get found on Google. We will give you the tools and resources to know exactly what keywords you should target as well as how to write the perfect piece of content to show up online. 

✅ No more searching how to do and learn exactly what to do. 

Fancy learning SEO with me by your side instead?

6 Steps to visibility is here to rescue you from the fog and offer a straightforward strategy for dominating Google's rankings

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is basically how you can make Google swoon over your website and send your ideal customers straight to you. With Mango&Wild as your trusty SEO expert, mastering SEO is a walk in the park.

Say goodbye to constantly being glued to social media just to attract clients. Because you don’t need to be on Instagram 24/7 to run a successful business. The Google algorithm is much more forgiving. Give SEO a try and watch as your dream clients flock to your website without you having to lift a finger for the Social Media Gods.

Forget about all the technical terms and empty promises. Get real marketing support to help your business thrive.

So what is the SEO program...

Over the course of 7 weeks, you’ll delve into essential topics such as setting up SEO tools, mastering keyword research, and understanding search intent. Each week, you’ll have access to live and pre-recorded lessons, live Q&A sessions, reviews and feedback and dedicated support to ensure you’re on the right track.

From on-page SEO techniques to off-page strategies like Google My Business optimisation, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to propel your website to new heights of visibility.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect over the 7 weeks of group training…

Founder of Mango&Wild Chichester

Week 1:

  • Get your SEO tools set up and learn how to use them effectively
  • Auditing Your SEO and how to take action
  • 1 hour of co-working and support


Week 2:

  • Lesson One – Master the art of keyword research and understand search intent
  • 1 hour of co-working and support to ensure you take action from your training and find the keywords you need


Week 3:

  • Lesson Two – Dive into on-page SEO and learn how to write for both landing pages and blogs
  • 1 hour of co-working and support to ensure you take action from your training with guided revisions and feedback


Week 4:

  • Break week to give you time to check in and action while also having space for revisions and feedback
Week 5:
  • Lesson 3 – Uncover the secrets of back-end on-page SEO using tools like Rank Math and Shopify
  • 1 hour of co-working and support to ensure you take action from your training


Week 6:

  • Lesson 4 – Explore off-page SEO tactics, including optimising your Google My Business
  • 1 hour of co-working and support to ensure you take action from your training


Week 7:

  • Lesson 5 – Get tech-savvy with technical SEO strategies
  • 1 hour of co-working and support to ensure you take action from your training

Plus the bonus of:

A portal where you can access all you need for your success.

Private Facebook group for questions and support. 

Access to resources to help you on your training journey such as metric trackers, keyword sheets and checklists.

12 months access to all.

Image of Amy and Alice doing social media advertising.

The Investment And Finer Details

The program is delivered across 7 weeks, with every session recorded for those who don’t join live or want to revisit the content. here’s how it works:

  • x5 Group Workshops on a Tuesday at 12pm (16th and 23rd of April – 7th, 14th, 21st of May)

  • x6 co-working/accountability sessions on a Thursday at 12pm (11th, 18th, and 25th of April – 9th, 16th and 23rd of May)
  • Action steps, worksheets and resources each week

  • Direct feedback from me on your SEO

  • Facebook group for accountability, peer feedback and questions (optional)

Spaces are £250 and this can be paid in full. I won’t be running the course again until late 2024, so if you’ve got the idea, now is the time!

Spaces are limited and doors close Friday 5th April so what are you waiting for? I’d love to see you in there!

Why trust Mango&Wild with your SEO marketing?

We understand the emotions you are experiencing at this moment!

We notice you as you navigate through various blog posts, instructional guides, podcasts, and YouTube videos day in and day out, desperately trying to comprehend the concept of SEO and then dedicating even more time to understand how to implement SEO effectively.

You no longer have to go through that. Because at Mango&Wild, we have a strong dislike for complex terminology, unnecessary strategies, and unfulfilled promises.

Instead, we simplify our extensive expertise in SEO into concepts that are easy for you to grasp. 

founder of Mango&Wild Chichester carrying out digital marketing

Not convinced of the power of SEO? Let’s look at the cold hard facts…


searches conducted every single second. Would you rather those people see your website or your competitors’?


of people don’t bother going past the first page of search results. If you’re not on that page, you’re not being seen by your ideal clients.


of all website pages receive zero traffic from organic search. Do you want be one of them, or do you actually want to be seen?