Looking for marketing support that's in a simple and honest way?

Mango&Wild help business owners and freelancers save time and cut back overwhelm in their business marketing, through teaching the marketing skills they need or taking the stress away through outsourcing. Mango&Wild’s goal is to help you get your business seen, growing and thriving.

Supporting the success of business owners and freelancers like you is why Mango&Wild was born. As the business owner, I love to help YOU bring YOUR vision to life. My mission is to support YOU and YOUR BUSINESS to become your brand of dreams. I want to help you get your business visible, so you can make sales and grow your income.

The 6D Process - Together We Will...


Discover your market segment


Define your target audience


Deliver the strategy with the right messages to your target audience


Design your strategy, to outline the right marketing tools to capture your market


Build on and develop your business strategy to build on your business's overall mission and vision


Implement and build on your strategy, ensuring objectives are met, through strategic digital marketing

With Simple Marketing We Can Tackle

At Mango&Wild I provide a full range of business and marketing services, specialising in strategic, creative, and digital. Combining together business planning and marketing to understand and innovate your business, maximising its full potential. 

Consultancy Teaching You

Learn the skill sets you need to level up your business and marketing. Let me teach and advise you on marketing best practices to grow your business.

Done For You Marketing

Outsource your marketing and have a marketing expert in your corner doing it for you. While you concentrate on doing what you love I’ll be behind the scenes growing or sustaining the business for you.

Clients I Work With

A little note from me to you.

Hello, I’m Amy Cook.

I aim to teach and manage businesses on digital marketing, creation, and business development.

I set up Mango&Wild to be the funnel to all things marketing and business development, providing professional business planning and marketing solutions for new start-ups or companies that require new ideas, innovation, and a little support. But in a way that is jargon free and simple.

My motto:

While you concentrate on the business, I will be your background, capturing the market for you!

I aim to support business owners, individuals, and entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, and tools to help take their business to the next stage of success. Whether you are local to me and based in West Sussex or are far up North, here at Mango&Wild I will listen, advise, and treat your business as if it were my own. My goal is not just about being a consultant but to form a relationship and become a part of your team.
founder of mango and wild

My Values Are

My first core value is

"focus on client success”

Through my marketing career I have found people in marketing wanting to overcomplicate it, using big words to leave you feeling confused and like you need them otherwise you won’t be able to grow the business. And this is where I wanted to make a change, to allow marketing to be simple. So whether you wanted to do it your self or have it done for you, at least you can understand what is being done. 

And with this through wanting to support the growth of companies of all shapes and sizes, I have found a way to provide a more seamless marketing experience through advancing Mango&Wild to becoming a ‘one-stop-shop’. I am proud to provide, encourage, and support all marketing activities from social media, website, PR, and advertisement to email marketing. I am here to support you with learning jargon free marketing or here to provide professional and digital marketing, so you don’t have to!

Mango&Wild operates on building a community to express the creation of your business and brand. My ethos is that nothing is impossible, with my core values being to focus on clients’ success, through delivering exceptional services, forming relationships, and trust. Mango&Wild is the trusting and creative company here to help you grow.

Let's Get Working Together!