Digital Marketing, But Not As You Know It…

No jargon, no BS, no false promises. Just real marketing support to help your business be wildly successful

If marketing gives you the ick, you’ve found your place here.

It gives me the ick too. The jargon, the inflated egos, the unrealistic promises. Let’s face it, if becoming a 6-figure business owner was just about posting on Instagram precisely 23 times a week, publishing a blog post with exactly 213 words every day and praying to the Google Gods that you’ve chosen the right keywords for your Ad campaigns, we’d all be billionaires by now.

Marketing doesn’t work like that. And that’s why Mango&Wild is here to help you do things that actually will work.

Just like you, your business is unique. And because of that, your marketing strategy has to be too. At Mango&Wild, you won’t find prescriptive strategies or copy-and-paste approaches to marketing. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in the wrong place.

What you will find here is honest, reliable, realistic marketing support for your business. Support that will help you find more customers, make more money, grow your business – and not burn out in the process.

founder of mango and wild marketing smiling

Hi, I’m Amy 👋

So lovely to see you here!

I’m the Founder of Mango&Wild and the brains behind the business. I’m an animal lover (my two dogs, Lola and Blaze, and Spud The Tortoise often gatecrash Zoom calls, so brace yourself!), nature lover and for the last few years my partner and I have been building a house.

But when I’m not knee-deep in mucking out stables (did I mention I love horses?!) or mixing up yet another bucket of plaster, I’m at my desk doing another of my favourite things: helping small businesses get the most from their marketing.

How I got here…

Probably just like you, the virus-that-shall-not-be-named forced the people around me to pivot their businesses. Lots of my friends ran beauty businesses or health and wellness businesses that relied on in-person interaction to survive. And when they were forced to switch things up, they came to me for help.

I’d been working in marketing in the corporate world for a few years at that point, always assuming that I’d do what everyone else seemed to be doing: climb the corporate ladder, rung by rung, until eventually retiring.

That was until something a friend (who I’d been helping with the pivot) said stopped me in my tracks:

“Why don’t you start your own business?”

It wasn’t something that had ever crossed my mind before then, but it clicked – and the rest is history.

founder working on laptop carrying out seo management
founder and buddy Lola the french pug

… and what I do now!

With Mango&Wild now a fully-fledged business with me at its helm, I get to do what I love doing: helping small businesses understand marketing and how it can help them grow.

I work with all kinds of businesses at every stage of growth. I like to think of myself as a one-stop-shop for everything marketing-related – sort of like your outsourced Marketing Manager, here to do whatever needs doing to get you reaching more people, making more sales and not burning out in the process!

I have a soft-spot for animal businesses (because animals are the best, right?!) and health/wellness brands, but as long as your business is willing to do things differently, trust my advice, and see sustainable growth, I’m your gal!

Meet More Of The Mango Team!

Mango and wilds content creator Alice

Content Creator: Alice

office manager Lola the pug

Office Manager: Lola

hr manager blaze the border terrier

HR Manager: Blaze


Work Inspector: Spud

We've supported these lovely clients (and more!)

I believe in…

… keeping things simple

I’ve ditched the jargon, cut out the crap and taken things back to basics. Because while I know what a SERP is and what an ESP is, I don’t expect you to. Everything I do is broken down into things you’ll understand – so even if I’m doing the work for you, you know what’s happening.

… prioritising real relationships

People buy from people. We all know that! So when we’re finding the best marketing strategy for your business, we will always put your clients and customers first. Building long-term relationships with potential clients is the key to marketing that really works.

… sharing my knowledge

I don’t believe in keeping secrets or not letting you know exactly why I’m doing something. Even if you’re on a done-for-you package, I involve you as much as you want to be involved, so that you actually understand your marketing, rather than just knowing it’s happening.

What I can help you with

SEO & Search Marketing

Wanna get dreamy clients finding your website on autopilot? Make Google fall in love with your website with SEO.

Ads & Pay Per Click Advertising

Get your business in front of ideal clients at the exact moment they’re looking for you – with Google Ads and social media advertising.

Content Marketing

Feeling stuck in a never-ending hamster wheel of content creation? Emails, social media, blog posts – get support with it all!

Consultancy & Bespoke Support

Finally understand SEO, PPC, content marketing, or anything digital marketing-related with bespoke consultancy support.