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Edgcumbes: Full Digital Marketing

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Since 1981, Edgcumbes has been passionately roasting and expertly blending coffee and tea in the vibrant region of West Sussex. At the core of their mission is a dedication to providing their valued customers with the utmost quality in both coffee and tea, ensuring that every sip is infused with freshness and sustainability. Nestled within what they proudly call the EDGE village, Edgcumbes not only offers a delightful café for locals to indulge in the perfect brew but also boasts a local EDGE store and an on-site coffee roaster. Their reach extends beyond West Sussex, as Edgcumbes has embraced the digital realm by expanding its presence across the UK with its user-friendly online store and convenient subscriptions.


Mango&Wild jumped in to provide their expertise to EDGE, assisting with a variety of content-related tasks. We took charge of managing social media, not only capturing eye-catching visuals and reels but also creating engaging captions and scheduling posts. Additionally, Mango&Wild lent a hand with email marketing and blog writing.

During a period of transition, EDGE was searching for a new Digital Marketing Manager. In the meantime, they sought external help to ensure their marketing efforts stayed on track. It was our privilege to offer our support to EDGE for a duration of three months. 


Our efforts have yielded impressive results, with email click-through rates reaching an impressive 2%. Moreover, we are proud to report that email open rates have consistently surpassed an outstanding 40%. Additionally, we have witnessed a remarkable surge of 50% in page visits on Facebook.

These achievements are a testament to the hard work and dedication we have invested in supporting EDGE’s growth. We are thrilled to be a part of their journey towards accomplishing even greater success! 

Our blog can be found here:

Single Who, Peaberry What? Choose The Perfect Coffee Bean for Your Next Brew

More of our posts can be found here:

Reel Example 

Reel Example 

Reel Example

Visual Example 

Visual Example 

Visual Example




Edgcumbes: Full Digital Marketing
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Mango & Wild are a pleasure to work with. Very professional, organised and easy to communicate with. Amy is a perfectionist and ensures tasks are completed to the highest standard. Amy is brilliant at creative writing and she was able to create engaging copy about topics that she had no previous knowledge of.  Incredibly knowledgeable and up to date with the ever-changing marketing trends. We really enjoyed working with Mango & Wild and would highly recommend.

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