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Greene Creatives is a marketing business located in Dundee, Scotland that provides their customers wiith small business marketing, helping business owners on all things marketing. 

Prior to working with Mango&Wild, most of their business came from social media and this was the only platform they were marketing on consistently. From following me on social media for a while and also having consultancy, it was time for the next level of new marketing platform support.


Mango&Wild came onboard to support Greene Creatives with the optimisation of their Squarespace website. With it being Squarespace we knew there would be many challenges faced and limitations to what we could do in terms of SEO. We also knew that with the business being in a highly competitive industry we would have to really think strategically on how to rank on Google. 

From the initial strategy we decided to aim for less competitive keywords that had more search intent while also looking into ranking the site locally to capture people within the area. From this we were then able to ensure technical SEO was in the right place and that pages were linked as needed to pass authority and create an effective user journey.

Key services were then identified to work on first and extensive keyword research was carried out to determine the best keywords within the industry that would best fit with each service offered and the location. Once determined, content was optimised on each page to suit.

We have been working through the Greene Creative website site on a monthly basis, working on a few pages at a time, and more recently started a blog to expand our reach on keywords within the industry and to provide educational content for their target audience.


Since I began working with Greene Creative in December 2021, we have seen a 50% increase in search engine traffic and are currently ranking in the top position on Google for 10 competitive keywords with 3 in the top 3. 

Since then we have also then been working on monthly blogging to keep rankings ticking over, giving Google fresh new content. Over the last six months from April 23 – October 23 the site has seen over 91K in impressions just from ONE blog a month.


Green Creatives: SEO
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I have been working with Amy for the past 6 months on my website’s SEO optimization. Working in marketing myself I know how important SEO is but due to client work I never get the time I want to dedicate to my own business and this is why I decided to outsource this to Amy. Amy has been great and kept me up to date with all the work she was doing. She also would explain anything to me that I didn’t understand, and I have actually learnt alot about SEO whilst working with her. It is sometimes so important to get an outsider perspective on your own content and this is exactly what Amy has done for me, she’s added a breath of fresh air to my website content.