Head2Toe: Monthly SEO Management

Key Stats

+ Keywords at the top on page one of Google
% Traffic increase
+ Keywords ranking on Google


Head2Toe is a physio and chiropractor clinic based in Ireland, that saw a gap within their local community looking for the need for chiropractic services in Carrigaline. Head2Toe wanted to increase their community awareness and support their team with being booked out. 

We have now been working with Head2Toe for 9 months on SEO support and Google Ads. For the other services we have provided you can view below to see just these amazing results! 


Mango&Wild came on board to support Head2Toe with all things SEO and paid advertising. They wanted to increase their visibility locally as well as further afield and with the combination of ads and SEO, we have been able to achieve this. 

Ads and SEO go hand in hand and especially when in a competitive market. As an overall marketing strategy, we have worked on utilising paid ads for more competitive keywords alongside locations outside of where the clinic is based in Carrgaline, while then utilising SEO to ensure they are top-ranking for localised keywords within Carrgaline. 


Since supporting Head2Toe on their monthly SEO we have seen over 400 bookings/enquiries with rankings for over 200 keywords along with over 51k on impressions, increasing the overall brand awareness. We look forward to continuing our support for Head2Toe.


Head2Toe: Monthly SEO Management
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