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Head2Toe: Paid Ads Management

Key Stats

+ bookings from paid ads
Clicks and interactions with the business
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Head2Toe is a physio and chiropractor clinic based in Ireland, that saw a gap within their local community looking for the need for chiropractic services in Carrigaline. Head2Toe wanted to increase their community awareness and support their team with being booked out. 

We have now been working with Head2Toe for 9 months on Google ads support and SEO. For the other services we have provided you can view below to see just these amazing results! 


Mango&Wild came on board to support Head2Toe with all things paid advertising and SEO. They had been running ads before us but did not feel like they were getting the results they wanted. 

So we delved in, audited the current ads and built out new strategies across Google with also a new creative direction. On auditing the past ads and overall marketing performance we saw that the website wasn’t fully set up for conversions and driving people through a customer journey. So on the initial set-up to ensure the ads got the best results, we worked on a website redesign, in order to support the growth of ads. 

From this, the initial focus for the ads was to prioritise physio clients as this is what Head2Toe was least known for. 


And just after 4 weeks, our results had seen a click-through rate of 10.44% (CTR) with over 6,330 impressions and 661 clicks! These results have then gone up month on month by 50%. This is just the start of this client’s results as we continue to refine and test we look forward to pushing the boundaries on results. 


Head2Toe: Paid Ads Management
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