Head2Toe: Website Redesign


Head2Toe is a physio and chiropractor clinic based in Ireland, that saw a gap within their local community looking for the need for chiropractic services in Carrigaline. Head2Toe wanted to increase their community awareness and support their team with being booked out. 

We have now been working with Head2Toe for 9 months on SEO support and Google Ads and with this required a website refresh. For the other services we have provided you can view below to see just these amazing results!


Mango&Wild came on board to support Head2Toe with all things SEO and paid advertising. They wanted to increase their visibility locally as well as further afield and with the combination of ads and SEO, we have been able to achieve this. 

Mango&Wild partnered with Head2Toe to provide comprehensive assistance with SEO and paid advertising. The objective was to enhance visibility both locally and beyond. Through a synergistic approach involving ads and SEO, significant strides have been made.

But to ensure this was achievable and to make sure budgets weren’t being wasted (ads and marketing support) The site needed a refresh to allow for the best results possible. 

Working alongside Creative Ocean we have been able to create a bespoke website template that is custom-coded meaning minimal code that in turn minimises pointless code that slows the site down. We also ensured the site was mobile firth with knowing over 90% of users view through a phone. By building this site in a bespoke and custom way it has ensured the site is technically and functionally running in the best possible way.


Head2Toe: Website Redesign
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