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Helen Ferguson: Full Digital Marketing

Key Stats

% Increase in engagement
% Increase in profile visits
Email automations set up


Helen Ferguson is a specialist trauma therapist, empowering you to uncover the real you so you can heal from the shadows of what was and find safety to live your life.

Helen wanted to make therapy more accessible to others and allow people to connect at different stages on what made them feel safe. So with this, our work first started together on email marketing.


Mango&Wild came on board to support Helen Ferguson with the design and build of email automation that consisted of 7 emails also requiring the integration of audios. Further to this, the job expanded to designing and building landing pages to support the sign-ups of the automation. After supporting this, it was a joy to then onboard Helen for social media management, where we have also supported the expansion of using her new branding. 

We have now been working with Helen Ferguson on a monthly basis with the support of social media, from captions to visuals and design to scheduling and posting. We also introduced more reels by creating educational audios. Our reels and captions can be found on Helen’s profile here.



Our results during our work since October 2022 have been over a positive 50% open rate for the email automation that where set up. Additionally to this, across Instagram and Facebook, we have seen 

Increases month on month with some stats including:

New followers 

14,776 reach with only two months having a focus on reels 

50+ engagement rate


Helen Ferguson: Full Digital Marketing
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