Sarah Loves Hair: Rebrand & Strategy


Sarah Loves Hair is passionate about hair treatment, coloring and styling. The aim was to build a brand strategy and new visual identity that allowed the brand to look professional and stand out within the industry.


Creating a bold and eye-catching brand from the mission statement and core messaging. With a strategic approach, it meant Sarah Loves Hair could confidently communicate the values with some becoming louder over time. Their core brand was to be discovered as hair education and coaching to teach people how to do balayage, foliage and color theory programs. This can been seen through key messaging.

The Assets 

As well as the strategic creation of brand messaging and visual identity we expanded the brand further with additional assets and designs that could be utilised across brand platforms like, socials and their website.

Marketing Activity 

With the identity and assets created we then further developed marketing ideas on how the brand could utilise various marketing channels to connect with its audience. Additionally to this, we then showcase how the brand should be perceived. With it being a hair brand we knew all images needed to showcase both hair colour and styling and the educational side of the work with only one or the other being in an image as a secondary photo. This was also essential for the marketing activity.


Sarah Loves Hair: Rebrand & Strategy
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