Ready for 2023’s Marketing Trends?

graph showing an increase to 2023 marketing trends

As 2023 quickly approaches, as small (but mighty) business owners, we must start preparing for the upcoming 2023 marketing trends of the future. We must begin to look ahead and anticipate what changes the next few years will bring to stay ahead of the competition. Some key marketing trends expected to affect 2023 include AI-driven […]

Get To Know Google Analytics 4

Get To Know Google Analytics 4

You may know Google Analytics as this or universal analytics but it’s all soon to change to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).  What Is Google Analytics  Like social media insights, Google analytics is this, but for your website. It’s a platform that stores all your website data, providing you as the business owner with statistics and […]

Setting your 2022 Intentions

driving sale through social media

Welcome to 2022! And by the looks of it another crazy one too! I always like to start the year off with setting my intentions for the business, so I know the direction and goals I want to achieve. Now before we move forward with intentions however we need to reflect on the year that’s […]

Get Growing This Year With 2022’s Marketing Trends

2022 marketing trends

It’s a new year and that time to start looking at new marketing trends again. There are many things the last year has taught us. From new technology, to less socalising, finding a better work life balance and the merry go round changes of social media. With social media one big thing we’ve learned this […]

12 Top Tips For Your Christmas Digital Marketing

christmas tree and christmas digital marketing tips

That time of year is fast approaching again and it is so important that you have a Christmas digital marketing strategy in place for your business. Do you feel ready for the festive period or have you been putting off planning because you just don’t know where to start? Don’t fret if it is the […]