Content Is Your Marketing

Hi I'm Amy,

A person centred creative and founder of Mango&Wild, a marketing business helping business owners level up in strategic and digital marketing without the big jargon words.

Content writing is just words words words. Your business is all about the words you say. From when you start your business and showcase its values to what’s on your website or social media, you are always trying to create words that are going to allow your business to speak to your audience, gain visibility and grow.

Content isn’t just a nice little thing for your marketing or business these days. It is everything you do! It is absolutely the most important and necessary thing you should be doing. Because without content, your business won’t get the visibility and growth you are looking for.

With a content strategy and me in your corner as your very own typewriter, you can cut back the overwhelm and time in your business, while having the clarity and confidence that it is being done right.

From social media captions, email campaigns to website copy, blogs, SEO and anywhere words can be placed – let me take your content from underperforming to the hardest-working member of your team.

Social Media

Social Media

Get your social content writing working in a way that captures your ideal clients and pushes them into your DM’s.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Straight to their inbox, pull them in with content they love. Have your email marketing done for you and turn that email list into nurtured clients.

Blog Posts

Blog Posts

A touchpoint to build on a relationship with your audience while also keeping you in Google’s good books to bring more dream clients in.

Creative Content Pack

Creative Content Pack

The package that does it all from social media to email marketing and blogs. Have your content writing done for you each month!

What's your fear when it comes to content writing?

Whether it be for social media, email or your website are you thinking about:

At Mango&Wild we pride ourselves on all your copy and content speaking the same language that your audience understands. All content writing services are built on creating copy and content that speaks to your audience and aligns with your vision.

Every business and brand has a story, and I’m on a mission to help you tell that story through your marketing channels. Whether it is writing a caption for social or keeping your audience engaged in an email I want to make sure your story shines through all the content writing you do, because every story should be heard! 

Let’s book a chat and see how my content writing service could help you! 

Strategy & Unique Content Is The Core Focus

Nothing is ever done without your business in mind. Everything done is carefully considered and chosen with your goals in mind. At Mango&Wild we want to get your business seen, growing and thriving and to do that we need to know your brand and its customers first. That’s why we always like to start with strategy first. 

So fear not if you’re not quite clear as together we can dig through the mud and dive deep into your mission, your vision, and the values that drive your business.