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Email Marketing, Without The Salesy-Ick

We get it: sending marketing emails feels icky.

But your potential clients want to hear from you. They’ve given you explicit permission to slide into their inboxes – and if you’re not doing that, you’re hurting your bottom line…

Sleazy, Sales-y, Stuffy - Just Plain Dull

That’s what you might think email marketing is.

It’s an old-fashioned, outdated, just ew method of marketing, right?

Wrong. So very wrong!

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of building relationships with potential customers, increasing revenue and increasing brand awareness. It’s low cost, high-impact – which is everything you want from your marketing efforts, right?

But if the thought of sending marketing emails makes you feel overwhelmed and uneasy, that’s where we come in! We write emails that your subscribers want to receive. Emails that get opened, get clicked and make you money too.

The power of email marketing


of us check our inboxes every single day. If you’re not using email marketing, you’re missing out on literally BILLIONS of eyeballs on your business daily!

$10.89 BILLION

is the revenue email marketing is expected to generate in 2023. Imagine even 0.001% of that coming into your business. Gamechanging, right?!


is the average ROI for every £1 spent on email marketing. It’s the highest ROI of any marketing channel and 49% of consumers want to receive promotional emails.

Grow Your Emails: the Mango & Wild email marketing solution

Hand over your email marketing to Mango & Wild. 

We can write weekly, bi-weekly or monthly emails, welcome sequences, nurture or launch sequences and help you develop lead magnets to grow your email list. 

From just £154 per month. Simple.

Here’s what our clients have to say…

Frosted Cakes
Web & SEO
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Amy worked with myself and my website for 6 months and I could not have been happier. Amy was very helpful, took the time to go through things with me and made changes and recommendations on our projects effectively. I highly recommend Mango and Wild Marketing 🙂
Marble Group
SEO Web Content
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Mango and Wild provided content for our company website, the content was very detailed, delivered on time and exactly what we needed. I cannot recommend Mango and Wild highly enough.
Greene Creatives
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I have been working with Amy for the past 6 months on my website's SEO optimization. Working in marketing myself I know how important SEO is but due to client work I never get the time I want to dedicate to my own business and this is why I decided to outsource this to Amy. Amy has been great and kept me up to date with all the work she was doing. She also would explain anything to me that I didn't understand, and I have actually learnt alot about SEO whilst working with her. It is sometimes so important to get an outsider perspective on your own content and this is exactly what Amy has done for me, she's added a breath of fresh air to my website content.

Why Mango & Wild are the best choice for your email marketing

At Mango & Wild, we’re not like other marketing agencies.

Sure, we know everything there is to know about marketing. And we do things really well.

But the big difference between us and the big agency players is that we actually care.

We won’t bombard you with jargon, we won’t keep things secret, and we won’t charge you more than necessary – we just want to use our skills to help you grow your business.

And we also have dogs and tortoises and horses. Those other agencies definitely don’t…

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Not quite ready to hand email marketing over to us? Check out Wild Words for DIY email tips and tricks!

Email marketing: what you need to know

As your email marketer, we do a whole lot more than just send emails for your business.

We research your business, your industry, your competitors and, most importantly, your audience. We get to know them super well, so that we can write emails that your audience actually look forward to receiving.

We’ll also help you to decide on an email marketing platform, grow your list, segment your subscribers, and any other tricks we have up our sleeves to help you make the most of your email marketing efforts.

Almost certainly!

While there’s no guarantee with any marketing activity, the stats speak for themselves when it comes to email marketing. People want to hear from you – and they want to spend money with you.

All you need to do is send the right things to the right people at the right times. And with us by your side, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing.

With Mango & Wild, email marketing management starts at £200 for a monthly email to your subscribers. If you’d prefer more frequent emails or a one-off project to set up an automated email sequence for you, we’ll give you a custom quote for your needs.