Google Ads Management - Without The BS

Fact #1: Google Ads are complicated.

Fact #2: we love Google Ads.

Suggestion: instead of reading yet another blog post about how to structure a Google Ads campaign and trying to figure out what the heck a bidding strategy is, hand Google Ads Management over to us and watch the leads roll in.

Get eyeballs on your business with Google Ads

Want enquiries and sales and leads, like, NOW?!

Google Ads can do that for you. And we can manage the hassle of Google Ads, so all you need to do is handle the sales those ads will generate for you.

With monthly Google Ads Management, we set up, optimise, manage and report on your Google Ads campaigns, keeping a finger on the pulse every single day to maximise your budget, reduce wasted cost and get those dream clients knocking your door down to work with you.

How we get the biggest bang for your Google-Ads-buck

We like cookies, but we hate cookie-cutter Google Ads strategies. So with every client, Google Ads Management looks a little different. When we start working together, we’ll discuss your budget, your ideal client, your goals and whatever else matters to you, and then we’ll put together a bespoke Google Ads Management plan that includes…

Keyword Research

Before we put any of your hard-earned money on the line, we do in-depth keyword research to figure out exactly what people are searching for and which of those search terms your ad should show up for - and we keep refreshing this every month.

Optimised Ad Copy

It’s not just enough to show up in front of your ideal clients’ eyeballs - your ad copy needs to encourage clicks too! We write optimised ad copy that taps into conversion psychology to maximise the appeal of your biz in search results.

Location Targeting

You know what they say: location, location, location. Google Ads Management includes precise location targeting to narrow down to the most relevant searchers to get your inbox brimming with high-quality leads that are in your local area.

Conversion Optimisation

Getting someone to click on your ad is great - but then what? We’ll work with you to maximise the chances of conversion at every stage of the journey (from landing page to contact form) to make the most of your PPC investment.

Campaign Structure

Google Ads Manager account is a minefield. But when we handle your Google Ads, we make sure every campaign is structured perfectly. From campaign level right down to the ads themselves, your foundations will be strong.

PPC Marketing Reporting

Google changes all the time. Which means that our strategy needs to change too. We report on your account every month, highlighting what’s working and what we’re improving to keep up with your goals and Google’s changes.

What Google Ads Management has done for our clients

Why trust little old us with your Google Ads Management?!

Great question. And we’ve got a simple answer…

Because we’re not like the other ads agencies.

We’re a small business, just like you. And we care about our clients, just like you. You’ll never be left wondering wtf we’re doing or why you’re bothering to keep paying us.

We’ll always explain our approach, take you along on the journey, and help you understand exactly where your money is going. 

Google Ads isn’t an exact science, but you can be confident that we’re not just taking your money and fobbing you off with complicated reports (like some *other* PPC agencies do). We know what we’re doing, we know how much it matters to you, and we do everything we can to make Google Ads be an absolute gamechanger for your business.

Mango&Wild Chichester PPC management

Trying your hand at Google Ads Management yourself? Check out Wild Words for tips and tricks!

Questions about Google Ads Management? Here are the answers…

Google Ads can take a good couple of months to find a rhythm and ‘settle in’. Google uses algorithms and AI to learn from the data we give it, so new ads go through a learning phase (where things can feel a little volatile) before they hit their stride and start really doing the hard work for your business.

Because of that, and because of the time it takes us to get your strategy and campaign structure in place, Google Ads Management clients are asked to agree to an initial 6-month term, before reverting to a rolling monthly contract.

We can’t give you an exact figure, because our approach to Google Ads Management will be bespoke to you – but as a guideline, Google Ads Management starts at £200 per month, excluding ad spend.

It’s another ‘how long is a piece of string?’ question!

Google Ads can be run with just a couple of pounds a day – but the realistic cost of your Google Ads depends largely on the keywords (and geographic area) you’re targeting.

For example, targeting the keyword ‘dog groomer’ is estimated to cost 85p per click. Targeting the keyword ‘hairdresser’ is estimated at 92p per click. But targeting the keyword ‘horse riding school near me’ is estimated to cost £2.46 per click.

Logically, the more budget you allocate to Google Ads the more leads you’ll be able to generate – but the recommended budget for your ads will depend on your specific industry and the location you’re targeting, and it’s something we’ll discuss before we start any Google Ads campaigns!

Regardless of your budget, Google Ads gives you control over how your money is spent (through bid adjustments on particularly valuable keywords, for example) and how much is spent (through daily limits and monthly account limits), so you have complete control over your Google Ads budgets – and you can turn everything off in a couple of clicks if you’re taking a well-earned holiday!

Sometimes, you’ll get results immediately! Google Ads is a really clever platform that learns quickly what you want from it. The more specific you can be with your targeting (keywords, locations, etc), the quicker it can learn – and the quicker you’ll see results.

If you’ve never run Google Ads before, it can take a couple of weeks for new campaigns and ads to go through their learning phase before they settle in properly. But if you’ve run ads before and you have historic data that Google can access, that learning phase is often much quicker.

Generally, you’re best to give it 2-3 months before really assessing the performance of your ads, particularly if you’re starting from scratch!

If you wanna know more about how Google Ads work, check out this handy blog post!