SEO Audit

Do You Want A Website That Works Hard For You & Gets Your Business Seen?

But struggling to know what to do with your website and how to optimise it for SEO so you can get ranking on Google!

Fear not! If you want a deep dive into your website’s current SEO situation and strategic recommendations to improve your position, then you’re in the right place.

This SEO audit is perfect if you want to know exactly what your website needs to improve your ranking on Google so you can start getting website seen, growing and thriving.

Your SEO audit will include:
Industry specific keyword research (up to 20 keywords)
Analysis of your website’s organic traffic
Analysis of your website’s current keyword ranking and top pages

Analysis of your customer journey and where you could make improvements.
Diagnostic tests for your website’s speed and performance (technical SEO)
Recommendations to improve your position on search engines

Supporting reports where necessary (i.e. a full list of pages needing more content, missing meta tags, etc.) and how to fix them

Ready to start seeing your website on page 1 on searches?