Social Media Planner

Are you someone who likes to be organised and struggle to combine the challenges of social media into one book? Do you need help with consistency and ideas?

The Mango&Wild Social Media Planner is the perfect place to set goals, plan out your week, and additionally monitor and measure your social channels to ensure you keep track of your objectives and meet your business goals.

​This planner is great as it allows you to visualise your content at a glance whilst holding you accountable to achieve your goals, making you show up and stay on top of your digital presence. There’s also a space to track your progress, so you can see what’s working in your content strategy and which areas need more work and attention, to support your business growth and overall goals.

All the details:

This social media planner will allow you to plan, monitor, and measure your social media channels for the next year. While helping you to get a clear view of who you are and who your target audience is. By taking it back to basics it will allow you to level up your social media with a confident and clear understanding on what you’re selling and whom you’re selling to before you start planning.

Through providing the basics you will be able to plan and implement the content that’s right for your brand and ideal clients, allowing your buyer’s journey to be clear and simple. By having a goal, you will know what you want to achieve, whilst also seeing if you are achieving it. Then from the fun stuff of creating content and planning, you can input your weekly insights and end of month targets to ensure you can monitor and measure, to know you are keeping on track.

​If you’re a keen list-maker, this social media planner will become a part of your daily or weekly routine. Whether you keep it on your desk or take it with you wherever you go. SHIPPING TO UK ONLY, IF OUTSIDE THE UK PLEASE EMAIL.


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