SEO Audits Without The Worry​​

Yeah, you can add keywords to your website and hope they are the right keywords for the Google gods. But how do you know if you’re doing it right?

*SEO Audit enters the chat*

It's Time To Combine SEO And Analytics The Right Way

Starting SEO is a piece of cake; You can use Google to search just how to do it. But when you’re putting your hard-earned cash or hours of time on the line, can you really be certain your efforts are hitting the mark? 

So if you are curious to know if an SEO audit is the answer to your prayers? Well, let us start by telling you our SEO audit services are just what the doctor ordered if any of these situations sound familiar…

  • You’ve been toiling away on your SEO, but seeing zilch in terms of results.
  • You’ve got a bunch of SEO issues that leave you scratching your head in confusion.
  • You may have a basic grasp of SEO, but you need a pro to swoop in and give guidance on what to do next.

Honestly, this list could go on forever! But an SEO audit gives you the lowdown on how well your website is currently optimised for search engines, spots any areas where it may be slacking, and tells you what improvements to make to boost your website’s search engine optimisation.

We know exactly what makes a Google soar – and what’s likely throwing your time and budget down the drain. So if you’re ready for your SEO to do more than just pad your pockets, let us cast our spell and work our magic.

A Peek At What Your SEO Audit Could Cover!

We’re like Sherlock Holmes with our magnifying glasses, investigating every nook and cranny of your website’s performance. No stone will be left unturned as we uncover ways to maximise your investment and reveal the secret sauce that will skyrocket your business.

Our SEO audit services grant you a complete picture of how your website fares in the search engine game.

Prepare to receive a one-of-a-kind, detailed report that encompasses all corners of SEO, from the technical bits to on-page mastery, off-page wizardry, and even local SEO if it applies to you.

But wait, there’s more! We won’t just hand you the report and send you off into the wild. With our expertise, we’ll arm you with tailored advice and guidance, so you can witness the magic of SEO in action.

If you want to conquer the SEO game, you gotta know your target! We’ll dig deep with some keyword research to sniff out the juiciest opportunities for your website. Your SEO audit will spill all the beans on which keywords your website is dominating on Google, complete with their positions and any jaw-dropping changes. And hey, if necessary, we’ll even throw in some recommendations for your dream keywords to go after. 

Not only will it shine a spotlight on the pages that are driving the most traffic to your website, but it will also reveal the sneaky little keywords they’re dominating. Depending on what your report uncovers, you might stumble upon some easy-win keywords or stumble across some pages on your website that just need a little fine-tuning to unleash their true power. 

When it comes to SEO, content is king. If you’re on the hunt for top-notch SEO audit services, it’s likely that your website could use some sprucing up. Most of the time, our SEO audits unveil hiccups in the content department that can quite literally make or break your rankings. So, during your SEO audit extravaganza, we’ll conduct a meticulous examination of your content to unearth those areas that require a little TLC, identify pages that have taken a dive in performance (and why they did so), and of course, highlight those golden nuggets that are working like a charm.  

We all like to know who’s doing what and maybe better. Let’s sneak a peek at our rivals and observe their smart moves, so we can outshine them in no time! 

Your backlink report is the holy grail of all things backlinks. It’s like having a backstage pass that grants you access to all the live links that are rocking out for your website. Not only that, but it also serves up a delectable analysis of how these links are flexing their muscles to pump up the authority of your online domain. It’s the ultimate power play for your website’s success!

If you’re itching to skyrocket your rankings on the almighty Google Maps or any other location-based services, then make sure to add a dash of Local SEO reporting spice into your SEO audit mix. Prepare to embark on an exciting expedition through the depths of your products/services and location-specific keywords. Brace yourself, because this report will unveil your precise positions on the majestic kingdom of Google, including the formidable lands of Google Maps.

Google has a soft spot for websites that give users a mind-blowing experience. They want pages that load so fast it’ll make your head spin, work like a well-oiled machine, and have navigation that’s as clear as crystal. In your fancy report, you’ll find juicy details about how snappy your website loads for those impatient users, your bounce rate (aka how quickly people hit the exit button after clicking on something), and just how easy it is for users to find their way around your swanky website. Just like everything else in this fancy SEO audit, we’ll hand you impeccable recommendations if any of these areas need a little boost to catapult you up the Google rankings. 

Clients we’ve helped (and you could be next!)

Why Book Your SEO Audit With Us

If you want a crystal clear view of how your website is performing and which areas could use some improvement, look no further.

Our SEO audit services will not only tell you if your current SEO strategy is effective, but also provide you with valuable insights on how to skyrocket your website’s rankings on search engines. We’ll uncover the reasons behind any lost rankings and traffic, and why you’re not showing up in Google’s search results for specific searches you desire.

But wait, there’s more! We don’t believe in false promises or tricking you into spending unnecessary money. We won’t drown you in complicated jargon and meaningless statistics just to make you agree with us. Nope, we’re just regular people like you, running a genuine business with real clients that we genuinely care about.

So if you’re ready for actionable recommendations to boost your website’s SEO, we’re here to help. Don’t sweat it, we’re pretty cool. 

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Questions About The SEO Audit? Here Are The Answers…

So you think you’ve got the SEO game all figured out, huh? Well, let me burst your bubble, my friend. A SEO audit is like a red-hot spotlight shining on your website’s dirty little secrets. It’s like Sherlock Holmes sniffing out all those sneaky little broken links, duplicate content, and slow-loading pages that are sabotaging your rankings. It’s a detailed investigation into your website’s inner workings, uncovering all the hidden mysteries that are hindering your online success. And trust me, it’s not for the faint-hearted. This isn’t your average “run-of-the-mill” website check-up. It’s a deep dive into the dark and treacherous depths of SEO, where only the bravest dare to venture. So, strap on your detective hat, my friend, because a SEO audit is about to expose your website like never before. And remember, the truth may hurt, but it’s the only way to reach the top of that illustrious search engine ladder.

The price of the SEO Audit is £550 – this covers our analysis of everything on your website plus a PDF document and nemours spreadsheets with our tailored recommendations.

Once you’ve booked your SEO Audit, we’ll be in touch to get some more info from you so we can get cracking with the Audit. We’ll confirm when you’ll receive the results at that point, but generally, the SEO Audit has a two-week turnaround time.