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Social Media Marketing Sucks

It sucks your time. It sucks your energy. And it sucks your very soul.

… unless you’re doing it properly.

It’s time to do social media marketing differently – and grow your business fast.

Strategic, Save-Worthy, Scroll-Stopping Social Media Content - Without The ‘WHAT SHOULD I POST?!’ Fear

Every successful social media post starts with strategy.

Who am I posting this for? What do they need to hear? What do I want people to do? Why should they care?

All of those things are 100% necessary for social media content that actually converts.

Managing your own social media probably feels draining right now. We get that. We’ve been there.

But as soon as you realise that social media isn’t just a tickbox exercise and is worth investing in, your life (and business) will change. We’ll help your social media start thriving, not just existing.

Do it for more than just the likes

We know how nice it feels to get a little hit of dopamine every time someone likes your post – but you can’t pay the bills with dopamine.

You can pay the bills with paying customers. And social media, done properly, will grow your customer base.

151 minutes

is the average amount of time we spend on social media every single day. And for Gen-Z and younger, that figure’s even higher.


of consumers find the brands they buy from on social media. If you’re not getting in front of their eyes, you’re missing out!


of Gen-Z and Millennials make an impulse purchase on social media every 2-3 weeks. That purchase could be from your business…

Pot Of Posts: The Solution To Social Media Marketing Overwhelm

Social media works. You know that. But it’s tough doing it on your own, as well as running your business and living your life…

That’s where Pot Of Posts comes in. It’s social media management, but better. Here’s what’s inside…

Social Strategy & Planning

In a 1-hour deep dive strategy session, we’ll work together to create a social media strategy that helps you reach your business goals, engages your audience and builds the know-like-trust factor to generate sales.

Channel Optimisation

If you’ve been sporadically using social media already, we’ll recommend a full tidy-up and optimisation of your accounts. This usually includes a bio update, highlight recommendations and more.

Content Templates

Ready-to-use social media content templates tailored to your brand. These templates will be created for the specific platforms you use and (for ongoing clients) will be updated every month.

Captivating Captions

Every month, we’ll deliver 12 conversion-focused captions to use on your social media channels. They’ll be written in your brand’s tone of voice and strategically crafted for your audience.

Initial Social Media Strategy (including Social Strategy & Planning, Channel Optimisation and 12 Content Templates): from £400

Ongoing monthly Social Media Management: from £450 per month

Here’s what our clients have to say…

Frosted Cakes
Web & SEO
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Amy worked with myself and my website for 6 months and I could not have been happier. Amy was very helpful, took the time to go through things with me and made changes and recommendations on our projects effectively. I highly recommend Mango and Wild Marketing 🙂
Marble Group
SEO Web Content
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Mango and Wild provided content for our company website, the content was very detailed, delivered on time and exactly what we needed. I cannot recommend Mango and Wild highly enough.
Greene Creatives
Read More
I have been working with Amy for the past 6 months on my website's SEO optimization. Working in marketing myself I know how important SEO is but due to client work I never get the time I want to dedicate to my own business and this is why I decided to outsource this to Amy. Amy has been great and kept me up to date with all the work she was doing. She also would explain anything to me that I didn't understand, and I have actually learnt alot about SEO whilst working with her. It is sometimes so important to get an outsider perspective on your own content and this is exactly what Amy has done for me, she's added a breath of fresh air to my website content.

We’re Not Like Other Social Media Marketers

Yes, we create social media content for your business.

But we’re so much more than that.

We’re a small business, just like you – so we know how it feels to be spinning all the plates and worry about investing in your business.

When you work with us, we care about your business as much as you do. We go above and beyond, we never hide behind jargon or meaningless statistics, and we’ll always recommend the best solution for your business (not the one that costs the most!).

founder of Mango&Wild drawing on ipad with dogs next to her

Not quite ready to invest in social media marketing? Check out Wild Words for free tips, tricks and support!

Let’s answer your social media marketing questions…

Everything your social media marketing needs!

We develop your social media marketing strategy, plan your strategic social media content, create your graphics AND write your captions. We’ll recommend changes to your social media pages to increase engagement and we’ll constantly be coming up with new ideas to get more eyes on your business.

When we work with small businesses, we get obsessed with delivering results – so we’ll be living and breathing your social media marketing from day one!

Social media marketing isn’t just about ‘going viral’ – it’s about building strong relationships with your audience and nurturing them into buying from you.

When you work with us on your social media management, we’ll set goals for your social media marketing – those goals might include increasing your followers, increasing your engagement rate, or getting more traffic to your website from social media.

Whatever your goals are, we’ll be creating content to align with those goals. There’s no guaranteed timeline for social media success, but from the moment you start working with us you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your social media is being handled effectively from day one!

With Mango & Wild, monthly social media management starts at £400 per month. The initial strategy work starts at £450.

We know how scary it can be to invest in your business, so all of our services are priced to get maximum bang for your buck! If you have any questions about social media marketing or want a custom proposal to suit your needs, we’re more than happy to chat.